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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Special Board Meeting Minutes

Grand Haven City Hall


August 20, 2018


Meeting Called to Order by Chair Bessinger at 5:00 p.m.


Roll Call:

Present: Craig Bessinger, Bob Monetza, Chris Burns, Gordon Gallagher, Patrick McGinnis, Joanne Marcetti, Bill Cargo, Cathy Pavick, Pete LaMourie, Mike DeWitt, Joel TePastte

Absent: None

Also Present: Bonnie Suchecki, Human Resources Manager

New Business:
HTMMTS Director

Tiffany Bowman submitted a letter of resignation on Friday, August 17, 2018.

Motion by Bill Cargo to accept the resignation agreement, second by LaMourie. Motion carries.

Steve Patrick, former City Manager from Coopersville, MI, is available to act in an interim capacity while the Board seeks a replacement director.

Motion by Chris Burns, second by Mike DeWitt, to hire Steve Patrick as the Interim Director. Motion carries.

Joanne Marcetti asked why issues were not brought before the full board rather than the Executive Committee performing the evaluation.

Board discussed the architecture of the coming recruitment/selection process and a need to be very deliberate and intentional as we fill this position.

Public Comment

Audience members provided feedback to the Board.

Lee Ingersol, a Driver, asked if there was a plan to inform the drivers as to what is going on with the leadership at Harbor Transit.

Adjournment at 5:40 p.m.