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Harbor Transit Local Advisory Committee

MINUTES OF THE February 15, 2017 MEETING

Grand Haven Community Center

The meeting was called to order at 1:23 p.m.


Members present:

Roger White, Chairperson, Village of Spring Lake Representative

Carol Soule, Grand Haven Citizen Representative

Carrie Uthe, Spring Lake Township

Jon Toppen, Member at Large

 Marion McDonald, Spring Lake Township

Warren Roosen, North Ottawa Council on Aging Representative

Ray Harz, Member at Large

Members absent: Nancy Nielsen, Member at Large

Citizen present: None

Harbor Transit staff:

Tom Manderscheid, Transportation Director

Anthony Dionise, Operations Manager

Shelly Converse, Customer Care/Compliance Manager

Sue Campbell, Dispatcher

Moved by Roger White and supported by Carol Soule, to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2016.  Motion carried.

  1. General Business/Call to Audience


  1.  General Business:

Committee Member Input on Customer Service

Tom asked the Board if they had any input on customer service.

  • Carrie Uthe mentioned that the phone operators should make passengers aware that riding in the afternoons that they may encounter a delay in their pick up times. Due to high ridership volumes, wait times increase during 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.
Adoption of FY2018 Vehicle Accessibility Plan

Each member received a copy of the FY2018 Vehicle Accessibility Plan for review. The Plan is an annual document, mandated by the Michigan Department of Transportation that is to be attached to the FY2018 Application for funding. It reports changes in fares, territories, hours of service, committee members, fleet numbers, and must give each committee member the opportunity to comment, and those comments must be recorded into the minutes, and then signed by the committee chairperson. Tom made note that the Agency made no changes in the categories of fare increases, square miles for service area, or hours of operations.

Comments on the FY2018 Vehicle Accessibility Plan by Advisory Members-
  • Roger White asked that all members check the member list for accuracy. Roger pointed out that he was now 65 years of age. The document will now be changed to reflect the correction.
  • Every other member present was asked if they had comments or questions. All declined.

Motion made by Jon Toppen, supported by Roger White, that the Harbor Transit Local Advisory Committee approve the Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System’s FY2018 Vehicle Accessibility Plan . Motion carried unanimously.  


The members were given statistics on ridership for the year 2017. Harbor Transit provided 238,236 rides. Ridership increased 6% from 2016.

Senior Shuttle

From January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2016, we provided 443 rides for the Senior Shuttle. We are still running the service 2 days per week, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. To date, the numbers have not increased enough to keep the pilot program in use past May of 2017. Marion was disappointed, but understood that utilizing all vehicles for the betterment of our service is necessary.

Partnership with GHAPS

Harbor Transit provides numerous rides for GHAPS throughout the year. We thought the numbers were interesting and shared them with the committee. In the previous year GHAPS booked group rides for 405 trips, totaling 4,357 passengers, with 23 group no shows. Members were impressed with the passenger totals, but concerned with the high rate of no shows for these groups. Roger White suggested that we contact the Principal of these schools when this occurs to put the responsibility on the offenders.

Harbor has a Heart

Sue Campbell joined the meeting today to inform members about Harbor has a Heart. This is an in house program that the employees of Harbor Transit give back to the community. In June of 2016 we had a garage sale to raise money for charitable contributions throughout our community. Every Friday each division in the City of Grand Haven puts money into “Casual for a Cause”. Employees that opt to wear jeans put $1.00 into the fund in their department. The money goes to different organizations in the community, these organizations are voted on by a committee. Sue joined the committee to ensure that Harbor Transit received 1 month of donations to be used directly in our area and for passenger’s needs. Last year we adopted Riverside Nursing facility at Christmas, purchased undergarments for kid’s that were donated to The People Center, bought robes and personal care products for seniors, and calculators and classroom items for Central High School. She shared pictures of people from H.T. making a difference in people’s lives. We also let members know that one employee donated $750.00 to purchase bus passes for those who needed them and another employee that provided a refrigerator to a passenger that needed to keep her insulin cold. All in all, Harbor has a Heart.

Directors Report:

Tom gave an update on the 2 buses that should be delivered in March of 2017. They are making adjustments with the fuel systems, but should be at our facility soon. He also reported that bus #19 was involved in an accident in December of 2017, with damages to the bus of $31,000. That bus should be returned to us next week. Shelly Converse has completed the NTD report that is due each year to the Federal Government for funding. The report is in depth and requires a magnitude of information. The financial information was provided by Trina Robinson with the finance department for the City of Grand Haven. The finance department will be taking on more responsibilities, aiding in audit and reporting information for Harbor Transit. We are running $120,000 under budget. The area’s most responsible for this are in payroll and fuel. When the fuel tax is calculated in, the price for propane is at $0.43 per gallon.

Carol Soule asked if extending hours and connecting with Muskegon was still on the table. Tom sees these two issues at a standstill for the present time. The budget doesn’t allow for these to be implemented, and without more research, the need must be known before the endeavor.

  1. The next Local Advisory meeting will be held on May 17, 2017 at the Grand Haven Community Center.
  2. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelly Converse – Customer Care/Compliance Manager