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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Board Meeting Minutes

Ferrysburg City Hall


July 25, 2018


Meeting Called to Order by Chair Bessinger at 5:30 p.m.
Roll Call

Present: Craig Bessinger, Bob Monetza, Chris Burns, Patrick McGinnis, Joanne Marcetti, Bill Cargo, Cathy Pavick, Pete LaMourie, Mike DeWitt

Absent: Joel TePastte, Gordon Gallagher

Also Present: Tiffany Bowman, Transportation Director, Shelly Converse, Customer Care and Compliance Manager, Anthony Dionese, Operations Manager

Approval of May 23, 2018, HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Statements

Motion by Joanne, second by Pete, to accept the minutes of the May 23 meeting. Motion carries.

Approval of the Regular Agenda

Craig reported that the item under New Business to convene in Executive Session was not ready for discussion and asked that this item be removed from the agenda. This item may be taken up at a special meeting prior the September Board Meeting.

Motion by Pat, second by Chris, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carries.

General Business / Call to Audience


FY 2019-July 1, 2017 to June 20, 2018-Operating Budget Review

Tiffany gave a review of the changes proposed and answered questions from Board Members. No action required at this time.

New Business

MDOT FY 2015 Audit Closeout and Payback Schedule $46,991 and 2017 Reconciled Distribution-receiving additional $220,851

We need to pay back $46,991, but are receiving an additional $220,851. This is for information only and no action is necessary at this time.

FTA/MDOT 5339 Discretionary Grant for Harbor Transit Building Expansion-award of $1 million

Received second award so total amount available is $1 million. Tiffany is planning to apply for an additional $800,000 to pursue a complete office and garage expansion along with parking lot construction. Should we only achieve $1 million, it will be applied to office expansion only (garage and parking improvements are subject of $800,000 addition – see item below).

Opportunity for New Discretionary 5339 Grant with FTA-possible grant request of $800,000 to finalize funding for the Operations Center Addition and $360,000 to replace the (2) Historic Trolleys

Intend to include a request for $360 for trolley replacement, however received a call for (Congestion Management Air Quality) CMAQ money – up to $1 million for Ottawa County. We will apply for the CMAQ funds and hold off on using the 5339 funds until we know whether the CMAQ dollars are awarded.

Request to Amend Past Board Resolution for 5307 Operating Funds – Use of 2017 Funds for Operating and 2018 Funds for Capital at FTA Recommendations Allow us to purchase five buses with 5307 monies and two buses with CMAQ funds. Given the process that we need to follow, we could expect to have new buses on the road within six months (by January 2019).

Motion by Bill to Amend Past Board Resolution for 5307 Operating Funds for approximately $548,000 of 2017 Funds to be applied to Operating and 2018 Funds to be applied to Capital at FTA Recommendations. Motion carries.

Review of Harbor Trolley LLC MDOT Inspection and Discussion of Current Operations

One passed, one failed inspection. We have made repairs and they can operate for one more year. We have had two weddings where trolleys broke down right before the wedding.

Motion by Bill, second by Joanne that we stop taking reservations until we have more reliable trolleys available for the LLC. Motion carries.

FTA Drug and Alcohol Audit on August 24 and 25

Most staff have been actively preparing for this audit. Bonnie and John attended extensive training to prepare for the audit and we are well positioned to satisfy the auditors.

Old Business

MSU Transit Study-mailing out survey by the end of July to 600 passengers, dropping off copies to stakeholders such as Four Pointes, Village Green etc.

Surveys are being mailed out and dropped off this week. Two students will be riding the bus for three days to solicit feedback. Goal is to get 400 surveys returned.

Board Members Comments

Spring Lake Village is doing “Bike Week” August 20 – 25 and Harbor is participating to show people how to mount bikes on the buses.

Joanne thanked staff for being on top of things when Coast Guard is impending.

Craig was appreciative of the newsletter that was included in the packet.

General Business/ Call to Audience


Adjournment at 6:28 p.m.

Next Board Meeting will be held on September 26, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Village of Spring Lake Administrative Offices, 102 West Savidge Street, Spring Lake MI 49456