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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Board Meeting Minutes

Spring Lake Village/Township Hall
May 24, 2017


Meeting Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:         Craig Bessinger, Bob Monetza, Patrick McGinnis, Rick Homan, Mike DeWitt, Bill Cargo, Joanne Marcetti, Joel TePastte, Chris Burns, Pete LaMourie

Absent:          Gordon Gallagher

Also Present:            Anthony Dionise, Operations Manager, Shelly Converse, Customer Care and Compliance Manager, Denny Swartout, Marketing Manager, Tiffany Bowman, Transportation Director Appointee, Carrie Uthe and Stacey Engelsman.

Approval of March 15, 2017 and May 16, 2017 Minutes

Motion by Bill Cargo, second by Bob Monetza to approve Motion carries.

Approval of the Regular Agenda

Motion by Rick Homan, second by Joel Tepastte . Motion carries

General Business / Call to Audience

Carrie Uthe is looking to help us connect with Muskegon and Holland. She is now working for Goodwill Industries and would also like to help us coordinate collaboration with many other transportation service providers.

Stacey Engelsman, Ottawa County Community Mental Health Transportation Coordinator. Also interested in collaborating with HTMMTS.

Tom Manderscheid reported that we have applied for an SDNT grant to look at fixed routes; this will likely happen in 2018.

Financial Report:

FY2017 July 1, 2016 – May 15, 2017 Operating Budget

There is currently an apparent year-end budget surplus of over $200,000

Motion by Bill Cargo to accept the Operating Budget Report, second by Mike Dewitt.     Motion carries.

FY2017 July 1, 2016- May 15, 2017 Harbor Trolley LLC Operating Budget

The business is flourishing. We had 41 reservations in 2016; so far in 2017 we are already at 38 reservations. Operating plan is sound; projecting $28,000 in revenues in 2017. The LLC made its first year payment of $5,000 to the City (first of five payments).

Motion by Bill Cargo, second by Joel Tepastte. Motion carries.

  • Consideration of the HTMMTS to amend the FY2017 Operating Budget

Motion by Bill Cargo to approve the amended budget as presented, second by Bob Monetza. Motion carries.

New Business:
  • Consideration by the HTMMTS Board of a resolution to appoint Jeffrey Smith, 303 Orchard Ave., Grand Haven, to an open at large seat on the Local Advisory Committee to expire on November 2018.

Motion by Bill Cargo to appoint Jeffrey Smith to the Local Advisory Committee, second by Joel Tepastte. Motion carries.

  • Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to approve the Harbor Transit Board of Director meeting dates for FY2018 (June 1, 2017- May 30, 2018).

Motion by Pat McGinnis to approve the proposed meeting schedule, second by Joanne   Marcetti. Motion carries.

  • Consideration of the HTMMTS Board of a resolution approving the low bid of a 45 KW standby generator of $20,796 from Erickson Electric, 1505 Grant Ave, Grand Haven, MI

Anthony Dionese reported that three bids were received for the project, with Erickson being the low bid. The owner of the company personally inspected the job site and fully understands the scope of work. Generator will sit 15’ outside of building within 15’ of        the gas supply. HTMMTS staff will monitor and periodically test the generator going    forward.

Motion by Pat McGinnis, second by Bob Monetza. Motion carries.

  • Consideration of the HTMMTS Board of a resolution approving the low bid to purchase fifteen (15) Byk Raks at $699.00 each from Midwest Bus Corporation, 1940 Stewart Street, Owosso, MI 48867

Motion by Joanne Marcetti to approve the purchase of 15 Byk Raks from Midwest Bus Corporation at $699 each, second by Mike Dewitt. Motion carries.

  • Consideration of the HTMMTS Board to approve the purchase of a Decibel DB-408-B Antenna with 100’ of 7/8” antenna cable from MIDCOM Service, 2131 E. Laketon Ave., Muskegon, MI.

We’ve had recent problems with the antenna on Five Mile Hill. We switched to a tower in Spring Lake for now. This new antenna will be placed on the new County Dispatch tower to be located on top of Water Tank Hill.

Motion by Chris Burns, second by Rick Homan, to approve the purchase of an antenna   to be placed on Water Tank Hill at a cost of $2,564.50.

Election of HTMMTS Officers:
  • Motion by Mike Dewitt, second by Rick Homan to maintain the current slate for another year:

HTMMTS Board President Craig Bessinger

HTMMTS Board Vice-President Bill Cargo

HTMMTS Board Secretary Pat McGinnis

HTMMTS Recording Secretary Pat McGinnis

  • Motion carries.
Directors Report

Marketing Report  – Dennis Swartout

  • Beach Express and Trolley start this weekend. Bus advertising is being wrapped up. Schools will slow down and seasonal work will speed up.
  • Wedding Walk is in June, and Harbor Trolley LLC will be participating.
  • Discussion about bringing Ottawa County in to present the Disney Way to our staff, a customer service.
  • Open House from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on June 16 at Harbor Transit to recognize and celebrate Tom’s service to HTMMTS.
Director Report
  • 2017 Local Bus Operating Redistribution: $20,293 increase projected for Harbor.
  • Have not yet received two LP buses; they were sent by ARBOC to Wixom Michigan for conversion to propane. They can’t seem to get the fuel mixture right; both buses are back at Clean Fuels in Wixom now and the message is that they cannot figure out how to convert the 2017 models. We are not interested in getting two gas buses, so this remains a problem for now.
  • Tom reported that he is cancer free and he is grateful for the kindness Board Members have shown as he has recovered from his recent surgery.
Board Members Comments:

Craig thanked Tom for nearly ten years of dedicated service and commended him for his major accomplishments with our agency. Board members all offered glowing comments. Mr. Cargo was excused from the meeting at 6:00pm due to a scheduling conflict.

General Business/ Call to Audience

Carrie Uthe expressed her appreciation for the wonderful job Tom has done.

Adjournment at 6:47 p.m.

Next HTMMTS Board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on July 26, 2017 at City of Ferrysburg

17290 Roosevelt, (use Ridge Road entrance) Ferrysburg, MI 49409.