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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Board Meeting Minutes

Ferrysburg City Hall


May 23, 2018


Meeting Called to Order by Chair Bessinger at 5:30 p.m.
Roll Call

Present:Craig Bessinger, Bob Monetza, Chris Burns, Gordon Gallagher, Patrick McGinnis, Joanne Marcetti, Bill Cargo, Cathy Pavick

Absent: Pete LaMourie, Mike DeWitt Joel TePastte,

Also Present: Tiffany Bowman, Transportation Director

Approval of March 22, 2018 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Statements

Motion by Gordon, second by Burns, to accept the minutes of the March 22 meeting

Motion by Cargo to accept the financial statements as presented in the packet materials, second by Marcetti. Motion carries.

Approval of the Regular Agenda

Joanne asked to add an item under new business to discuss Harbor Trolley Management.

Motion by Pat to approve the agenda as amended, second by Burns. Motion carries.

General Business / Call to Audience

Chris Larson commented that he would like to see a connection with Muskegon County. He advised the Board about the June 11 – 15 Muskegon County “Smart Commute” events and activities.

New Business
FTA Triennial Review-preliminary results and follow-up

Seven deficiencies, all minor in nature. Not all worked out before the auditors left the site, so there will be some deficiencies noted in the final report. Overall substantially successful triennial review. Final report to be received by May 29, ten business days to follow up.

MSU Transit Study

We are working with Drs. Eva Kassen-Noor and Z. Kotval-K to assess customer satisfaction. Surveys will be mailed and observation will be done during Coast Guard Festival.

FTA/MDOT 5339 Discretionary Grant for Harbor Transit Building Expansion

Harbor had applied for funding to expand the building. Requested $1.8 million, received $500,000. We are the only system in the State of Michigan that received funding. Priority is office and training space. Many details about cost and timing were shared. The Board is supportive of staff efforts to gain new space.

Motion by Bill Cargo to authorize staff to place grant on FTA 2019 priorities and place it on the MDOT WMSRDC TIP, second by Cathy Pavick. Motion carries.

Minor Updates to the Title VI Plan

Motion by Bill Cargo to approve the updates to the Title VI Plan as recommended, second by Gordon Gallagher, motion carries.

Appointment of an Alternate for the West Plan Policy Committee

Motion by Pat to appoint Mike DeWitt as the elected official alternate to the West Plan Committee, second by Christine Burns. Motion carries.

Meeting Schedule for FY 2019

Motion by Chris Burns to approve schedule as proposed, second by Bob Monetza.

Yes: Monetza, Cargo, McGinnis, Pavick, Bessinger

No: Marcetti, Gallagher


Election of HTMMTS Officers

Motion by Joanne to maintain the current slate as follows:

Chair: Craig Bessinger

Vice Chair: Bill Cargo

Secretary: Pat McGinnis

Second by Gordon Gallagher. Motion carries.

Trolley Management Discussion

Board members emphasized their support for Tiffany delegating the day-to-day operation of the Trolley LLC.

Board Members Comments:

Bob Monetza asked what are we doing about replacing the trolleys?

“Deviated fixed route trolleys” are our historic trolleys and we have put in a request to replace these in 2018. If we replace them, then the existing trolleys could be sold to Harbor Trolley LLC.

Adjournment at 6:35 p.m.

Next Board Meeting will be held on July 25, 2018, at 5:30 pm at City of Ferrysburg, 17290 Roosevelt Road, Ferrysburg, MI 49409