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Harbor Transit Beach Express

Beach Express Service

Grand Haven is lucky to call a slice of the Lake Michigan beachfront our own. In the summer, our small town fills to the brim with locals and tourists alike lugging coolers, towels, beach toys, and more down to the city beach. Save yourself the hassle this summer with the Harbor Transit Beach Express.

The Beach Express runs to the beach every 15 minutes, picking riders up at the parking lot across from 803 Taylor just west of Beacon Boulevard, and delivering them directly to the city beach.

No parking left in that lot? No worries! As long as you’re within three-quarters of a mile from the bus route, we’ll pick you up. Give us a call at 616-842-3200 and we’ll get you on board.

Beach Express Prices


Beach Express Rides


$1 round trip

Category & Cost

Beach Express Rides  =  $1 round trip

Beach Express Hours

Beach Express service is available from Memorial
Day through Labor Day.


Saturdays & Sundays


Noon – 6pm
pickups & drop-offs every 10-15 min (weather permitting)

Day & Time

Saturdays & Sundays  –  Noon – 6pm
pickups & drop-offs every 10-15 min (weather permitting)