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Providing Quality Public Transportation services to communities in the City of Ferrysburg, City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Township, Village of Spring Lake, and Spring Lake Township.

Harbor Transit will remain on “Limited Service” until further notice.

Harbor Transit Service Area– With the increased infection rate of COVID-19 Harbor Transit will be making the following changes to our service effective Wednesday, November 18, 2020. Same day ride service, also known as Limited On Demand Service will be unavailable. The new 24 Hour in Advance Limited Service COVID-19 Plan requires passengers to call before 5 p.m. the day before they need a ride

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Feeling stressed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a variety of resources related to stress and COVID-19.


We serve our communities and you can help us with your observations of any safety hazards. Help make us the safest transit provider.

We at Harbor Transit encourage our valued passengers, customers, and community stakeholders, if you have information on a safety issue or a potential hazard that may affect our service, you may share that with Harbor Transit management. Please communicate your concerns to our Customer Service Manager by phone, letter, or request a Recommendation Form from one of our Drivers.

FTA Definition: Hazard means any real or potential condition that can cause injury, illness, or death; damage to or loss of the facilities, equipment, rolling stock, or infrastructure of a public transportation system; or damage to the environment. 

Examples include: 1. Vegetation blocking signs and limiting visibility at stops, 2. Lack of employee performance monitoring, 3. Wildlife (deer on the roadway)


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With a fleet of 27 accessible buses and vans, Harbor Transit is committed to providing affordable and convenient transportation to all of our Tri-Cities residents. In 40+ years we’ve provided transportation for thousands of passengers going to work, school, medical appointments, and other important destinations.

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Riding with Harbor Transit is as easy as picking up your phone. Give us a call, and we’ll pick you up. With curb-to-curb service, Harbor Transit makes getting where you need to go simple and convenient.

Give us a call one hour before we pick you up

If you need to make it to a scheduled appointment, we request 24-hours advance notice to ensure we can get you there on time.

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Don’t worry about finding the right stop or working out bus schedules. Harbor Transit delivers you directly to your destination.

Providing quality public transportation service since 1975

Since our start in 1975, Harbor Transit has grown from a small “Dial-A-Ride” service into a public transit authority that serves community members in the City of Ferrysburg, City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Township, Village of Spring Lake, and Spring Lake Township, and transports more than 250,000 riders a year. We’re dedicated to keeping up our legacy of exceptional, convenient community transportation.

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