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Lakeshore Trolley

(Deviated Route)

The Lakeshore Trolley

The Lakeshore Trolley runs from the day after Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. The trolley runs seven days a week, picking you up and dropping you off at local sites of interest. This is a great summer activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Flag the trolley down at any intersection (except along US-31 and M-104) or board at one of the locations along the route.

Please note that the trolley will pick you up if you are within three-quarters of a mile from the trolley route. Please call 616-842-3200 24 hours in advance to schedule your pick up. 

 Lakeshore Trolley Information

The Lakeshore Trolley service is available 7 days per week from May 28, 2024 through September 3, 2024, with the exception of Coast Guard Saturday on August 3, 2024 on which date the trolleys will not be running.

Please note that the Lakeshore Trolleys are not available for event rentals per FTA regulations.