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Harbor Transit Awarded $16.25M for New Operations Center and Zero-Emission Fleet

On July 9, 2024, Representative Hillary Scholten (MI-03) announced that Grand Haven’s Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System will receive $16,252,400 from the FY24 Bus & Bus Facilities Grant Program for the design and construction of a new multi-modal system operations center to accommodate the transition to a zero-emission fleet. The upgrades will outfit the system with fueling and charging equipment, vehicle maintenance infrastructure, as well as electric vans and charging stations. The new facility will also accommodate administration and workforce training facilities for regional transit providers.

“Harbor Transit is honored to be a recipient of the Buses and Bus Facilities Grant,” said Scott Borg, Executive Director of Harbor Transit. “This award will provide funding to build our new operations center, expand our fleet, and continue to serve the growing local and regional transportation needs in our area. With the support of the Federal Transit Administration, we are committed to ensuring the successful implementation of this project and look forward to the opportunity to enhance our transit services and improve access to public transportation for those who live and work in West Michigan.”

The Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities program provides federal funding for transit agencies to buy and rehabilitate buses and vans and build and modernize bus facilities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides nearly $2 billion through 2026 for the program. For Fiscal Year 2024, approximately $390 million for grants was available under this program.

“West Michigan deserves a transportation system that meets the needs of today and will last well into tomorrow,” said Scholten. “With this crucial investment in Harbor Transit, we can cut down on carbon emissions and costs of living in the region. Increased access to transit routes will have ripple effects that will boost our local economy and protect our Great Lakes. I am proud to have advocated for funding to ensure West Michiganders get the dollars they deserve as we build back better.”


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Harbor Transit New Operations Center

We move people, and we are proud of it! Harbor Transit serves people from all walks of life, providing the essential service of transportation that enables our customers to do the things they need to do – access medical services, shop at the grocery store, visit friends and family, and so much more. Our dream is to serve more people in our community and adjoining communities. In order to do that, Harbor Transit is in the process of building a brand new, state-of-the-art Operations Facility. 

Two parcels comprising 30 acres have been purchased in Grand Haven Township for the New Operations Center. The Operations Center will be designed at 40,000 internal square feet, providing ample room for the elements necessary to modernize the system and enhance access and mobility for low-income and underserved communities by providing commuter access to the jobs in Harbor Transit’s Service Area. 

The NEPA process is underway on the new site, and an Architect and Engineering firm has provided preliminary design concepts. The New Operations Center will include more vehicle storage for the current fleet with room for expansion; sound-proofed dispatch offices; sufficient office space for current staff with room for future growth; waiting and transfer area for passengers wanting to connect to regional services; maintenance space with correctly-sized lifts and equipment; fueling station placed for efficient vehicle fueling, and sufficient storage space for vehicles and equipment. The increased vehicle storage at the New Operations Center will also allow Harbor Transit to provide additional demand-response services to persons with disabilities that live in the service area.

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