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Advertising Agreement for Lakeshore Trolley Brochure Listings

This advertising agreement allows for the approved advertising space on the Lakeshore Go Trolley Brochure to be used by the Advertiser adhering to the adopted Harbor Transit Advertising Policy for the term indicated. All advertisements are subject to the approval of Harbor Transit prior to installation. Advertiser agrees to pay Harbor Transit the cost indicated in which sums will be billed in advance. Advertiser agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. The undersigned representative or agent of the Advertiser warrants to Harbor Transit that they are a representative of the Advertiser and are authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the Advertiser. Please review the advertising policy (below) before completing this agreement. 

Advertising Contract for Trolley Brochure
Is this a non-profit or government organization? (Eligible for a 10% discount)
Billing Address
Billing Address
Please indicate the Lakeshore Trolley Brochure in which you are requesting a business listing for the 2024 season. Please note that the business location must be within 1/4 mile of a physical trolley stop.
By checking the box below and signing this form electronically, the advertiser agrees to pay $100 (or $90 if eligible for the 10% discount) per listing in the indicated Lakeshore Trolley brochure(s).