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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System Local Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2024 at 1:15 P.M., Central Park Place

1. Meeting called to order 1:21pm by Carrie Uthe, Chair Person
2. Roll Call: Carrie Uthe, Christeen Moulter Gray, Christina Shannon, John Phillips, Heather Phillips, Lisa Greenwood, Norm Cunningham

Angie Devries – Absent
Sarah Wheeler – Absent
Harbor Transit Staff Present: Matt Guinn, Tom Burghardt, Andrea Dumbrell, Annelise Walker, Scott Borg
3. Call to Audience
 Heather Phillips comment: Angie Devries likes the new app but was left by her bus due to walking slowly on the ice.
 Burghardt has been pleased with how well the passengers are transitioning to the new software and app. Borg and Uthe echoed the sentiment.
 Shannon shared that the Four Pointes group has done very well with the changes.
4. General Business
 Approval of the November 18, 2023 minutes – motion Christina Shannon,
Seconded by John Phillips. Motion passes. 5. Reports:
A. Operations Update – Tom Burghardt.
 5 of 8 new buses have arrived. Improved single position bike rack. All new
buses are propane fueled.
B. Marketing Report – Annelise Walker
C. Finance Report – Scott Borg
 Mentions percentage of fees that Harbor Transit currently takes on from Stripe program for fare collection.
 Norm Cunningham comment – It seems like a very long process to get the environmental study done. Borg shares that the next step in the study is processing boring samples.
D. Transportation Director’s Report – Scott Borg
 Ridership numbers dipped slightly during the first few weeks of fare collection, but have returned to normal levels.
 NEPA study for new facility currently underway.
 5 of 8 new buses have been received. Uthe asked if old buses will be kept – old buses will be put up for auction.
6. Board Member Comments:
Uthe – Harbor Transit was approved to be put on the Spring Lake Township ballot for the next referendum at the last Board Meeting.
Burghardt – LAC is still seeking a representative for Ferrysburg.
Borg – Expressed appreciation for LAC members and their contribution.
7. Meeting adjourned at 1:54pm. Next meeting is on May 15th, 2024.