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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has issued a “stay home” order, directing residents to stay at home except for essential purposes and telling non-essential businesses to stop asking employees to report to work.

The order includes exemptions for essentials such as:

  • Shopping for food or medicine
  • Getting needed medical treatment
  • Getting fuel
  • Walking a pet or for individual exercise
  • Child care, financial services such as banks, and workers and volunteers, such as those providing food and shelter.
  • Critical manufacturing

While Harbor Transit falls under the definition of “essential services” we are asking residents within our service area to limit their use of bus transportation as much as possible. For everyone’s health and safety, only those in need of food, medicine, or medical treatments should be using Harbor Transit to get them where they need to go. To help ensure the health of our drivers we ask that those feeling ill not use Harbor Transit so we are able to continue providing service to others in need. 

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.