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May 18, 2022 at 1:15 P.M., GH Community Center

1. Meeting called to order by Chair Person Carrie Uthe, at 1:14 PM.

2. Roll Call Chrysteen Moelter-Gray, Warren Roosen, Ray Harz, Christina Shannon-not present, Norman Cunningham, Carrie Uthe, Angie Devries-not present, Lisa Greenwood, Heather Phillips

Harbor Transit Staff:  Scott Borg, John Phillips, Tom Burghardt, Mollie Hruskach, Annelise Walker, Teresa Dreese

3. Approval of the May 18, 2022 Meeting Minutes Chrysteen made motion to accept minutes, Ray 2nd the motion.

4. General Business / Call to Audience

5. General Business:

A. Review of Ridership: include no-show Tom Burghardt reviewed Ridership numbers and no-show numbers. Ridership has been increasing, March was the busiest month since covid started. HT will keep plexiglass up for now. Buses are disinfected at the end of each day and in-between shifts. HT is looking for new dispatching software to replace Routematch.B. Customer Survey Annelise shared the results of the customer survey. 67 passengers completed the survey. Positive feedback was received overall. 2020-21 Annual Report was also shared. MSU Students will be conducting a survey while riding on buses for 2 weeks in July. Annelise also shared new trolley and beach express routes, dates/hours of operation. Signs and window decals are being made. New billboard for Beach Express on M104 at 144th Ave.

C. Ridership Recommendations/Concerns Expanding hours was suggested. On average there have 2 trips to Mercy Health-Lakes per day in April.

D. Ridership Complaints Tom reviewed 3 ridership complaints

6. Finance Report: Scott Borg reviewed the Finance report, which was included in packet. Reviewed Rider statistics against the National trend.

7. Operations Supervisor Report: Tom Burghardt On Time % 99%.

Tom Burghardt also reviewed monthly complaints & Rider Comparison.

8. Transportation Director Report: Scott Borg discussed Covid-19 cases in April, 12 cases.

Routematch dispatch software will be studied and replaced. Harbor Transit is in the middle of the FTA Triennial Audit, should be complete by mid-July. Description of new safety committee goals. Request for new LAC board Member. A description of the job was requested.

9. General Comments/Discussions from LAC members New 2022 calendars need to be posted on buses. Suggestions for unscented disinfectant. Drivers need to post their names, maybe electronic sign. Closed for Memorial Day.

10. The Local Advisory Committee’s next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, 2022,

1:15pm at the Grand Haven Community Center

11. Adjournment at 2:16 PM.

Attachments presented to the LAC Council:

 Harbor Transit Local Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 02/16/2022

 Harbor Transit Local Advisory Council 2022 Meeting Schedule

 Ridership Report

 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes March 23, 2022