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Electronic Remote Board Meeting

May 19, 2020, 4:30 PM

  1. Meeting Called to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval January 22, 2020, HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes
  4. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda
  5. Approval of Regular Agenda
  6. General Business / Call to Audience

Those addressing the HTMMTS Board are asked to provide their name and address and will be limited to three minutes of speaking time. HTMMTS Board members will hear all comments for future consideration but will not have a response at this time. Either type in your comment on the Facebook Live feed or call (616) 402-0815. Let the phone ring until it is answered. If you get a busy signal, please wait, watch and call back. We will take all callers for today’s meeting.


According to the Attorney General, interrupting a public meeting in Michigan with hate speech or profanity could result in criminal charges under several State statutes relating to Fraudulent Access to a Computer or Network (MCL 752.797) and/or Malicious Use of Electronics Communication (MCL 750.540). According to the US Attorney for Eastern Michigan, Federal charges may include disrupting a public meeting, computer intrusion, using a computer to commit a crime, hate crimes, fraud, or transmitting threatening communications. Public meetings are being monitored and violations of statutes will be prosecuted.




  1. New Business:


  1. Discussion/action on Resolution authorizing public entity membership in the Western Michigan Health Insurance Pool (WMHIP) for a minimum three-year period.


  1. Discussion/action on the appointment of the following persons as Trustee and Alternate Trustee to serve as Trustee when the initial Trustee is not available or in attendance to carry out the Trustee’s duties on the WMHIP Board. (Appointees to be Determined)


  1. Discussion/action on providing “Hazard Pay” for all Harbor Transit employees who physically worked during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order (EO), retroactive to the first EO.


  1. Discussion/action on extending pay for Harbor Transit employees staying at home for an additional eight weeks.


  1. Discussion/action on Downtown Trolley and Beach Express Service.


  1. Board Members Comments:


  • Craig Bessinger
  • Michael DeWitt
  • Joanne Marcetti
  • Bill Cargo
  • Patrick McGinnis
  • Bob Monetza
  • Pete LaMourie
  • Joel TePastte
  • Christine Burns
  • Gordon Gallagher
  • Cathy Pavick



Next Special Electronic Remote Board Meeting will be held on, May 27, 2020 at 4:30 PM. Please make every effort to attend as this meeting will focus on current Grand Haven Retirees that worked for Harbor Transit. This issue has a direct impact on future health care costs for Harbor Transit.