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MARCH 27, 2019


Meeting Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:          Craig Bessinger, Michael DeWitt, Joanne Marcetti, Bill Cargo, Pat McGinnis, Bob Monetza, Cathy Pavick

Absent:            Joel TePastte, Christine Burns, Pete LaMourie, Gordon Gallagher

Also Present:   Transportation Director Steve Patrick, Anthony Dionese, Shelly Converse, Bonnie Suchecki, John Phillips, Dana Appel, Sue Campbell, Denny Swartout


Approval January 23 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes

Motion by Bill Cargo, support by Mike DeWitt to accept the minutes of the December 12 Special HTMMTS Board Meeting minutes


Additions/Corrections to the Agenda



Approval of Regular Agenda

Motion by Joanne Marcetti, support by Mike DeWitt to approve the meeting agenda for tonight as printed. Motion carries.


General Business / Call to Audience



New Business:


Discussion/update on RouteMatch Training and what that means.

Steve reported that we would be working in the next several months on how we are optimizing our investment in the RouteMatch software. He wanted the Board to be aware of some of the changes that may be recommended in the coming months – some may be transformational and he does not want anyone to be surprised. He will be bringing various recommendations forward as time permits.


Discussion/action on revising Harbor Transit’s Fiscal Year from July 1 – June 30 to October 1 – September 30.

Steve reported that it was difficult to maintain two separate fiscal years for MDOT (October 1 – September 30) and our local fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).


Motion by Marcetti, second by  DeWitt, to adjust the fiscal year for Harbor Transit to October 1 – September 30 to coincide with the State of Michigan and most other transportation agency’s fiscal years. Motion carries.


Discussion/action on the purchase of BS&A Software license for Harbor Transit

To facilitate the transition, Harbor Transit will need their own version of BS&A, so Steve is recommending that the System purchase an independent license.


Motion by Marcetti, second by  Cargo, to authorize the purchase of BS&A software at a cost not to exceed $34,460 with an annual fee of $4,425. Motion carries.


Discussion/action on adopting the updated “Policy and Procurement Manual”.


Motion by Cargo, second by Pavlick, to approve the updated Policy and Procedure Manual to comply with MDOT and FTA procedural requirements for local tranbsit systems. Motion carries.


Discussion/action on the Trolley LLC for 2019 – 2020 Operating Season

Steve reported that the Harbor Trolley LLC is a burden to the staff and it appears that we do not charge enough for the service. Considerable discussion followed about whether the service should continue to be offered. A part time person may be needed to properly market and operate the service.


Motion by Cargo, second by DeWitt to pay off the City and cancel Harbor Trolley LLC

Yes       Cargo, Bessinger, Pavick, DeWitt

No       Monetza, Marcetti, McGinnis

Motion carries.


Discussion on Transportation of Private Sector Employees Outside of Service Area

Steve has fielded inquiries from Muskegon about driving private employees to locations outside of the service area.


Motion by Cargo, second by Marcetti, to authorize Steve to engage in discussions to research methods to help transport employees to and from locations within and without the service area. Motion carries.


Discussion followed and support for the motion was based on fiscal and legal sufficiency of whatever approach is researched and late presented to the Board.


Discussion/action on Transportation Director’s Contract for 2019.

Steve was hired on August 20, 2018. Contract is retroactive

Motion by Cargo, second by DeWitt, to approve the contracts as presented in the packet. Motion carries.


Operations Manager – Anthony Dionise

New bus coming in early May, propane buses (2) will be here in July. Four additional buses ordered in May to be delivered this summer.


Board Members Comments:

  • Michael DeWitt – notices some lights on buses are burned out
  • Joanne Marcetti – at next meeting she would like to hear more anbout assistant to be hired


Next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held on May 22, 2019 at 5:30 PM at City of Ferrysburg, 17290 Roosevelt, (use Ridge Road entrance) Ferrysburg, MI  49409.