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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Regular Board Meeting Minutes
JULY 27, 2021
102 West Savidge Street

Meeting Called to Order by President Craig Bessinger at 4:30 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Craig Bessinger, Bob Monetza, Pat McGinnis, Cathy Pavick, Gordon Gallagher, Don Reiss, Chris Burns, Pete LaMourie
Absent: Mike DeWitt, Bill Cargo, Joel TePastte
Also Present: Scott Borg, Harbor Transit Director, Andrea Dumbrell, Grand Haven Township Human Resources Manager, Dana Appel, Senior Accountant and Compliance Manager, Melvin Barkley, Operations Manager, Annelise Walker, Marketing Manager
Introduction of Melvin Barkley, Operations Manager, Annelise Walker, Marketing Manager.

Approval of the May 26, 2021 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes
Motion by Gordon, second by Chris, to accept the minutes from the Meeting held May 26, 2021. Motion carries.
Additions/Corrections to the Agenda
Motion by Chris, second by Bob, to approve the agenda. Motion carries.

General Business / Call to Audience

Discussion/action Payables Warrant
Motion by Pat, second by Cathy to accept the Payables Warrant as presented. Motion carries.

Discussion/action on Financial Reports, Receive and File.
Gordon asked about fare policy and how we are optimizing our efforts in the collection (or
not collection) of fares. Scott reported that we were ready to go with a RouteMatch solution
that is touchless and collects from riders when they ride. 5% fee to middleman; RouteMatch
collects $60,000 up front then $6,000 per year.
Motion by Chris, second by Pete to accept the reports as submitted. Motion carries.

Discussion on Estimated Revised Budget.
Current year budget; no questions.
Discussion/action on Revised Harbor Transit Personnel Manual.
Scott explained the changes include the following:
 Add time ½ to holiday pay
 Change definition of pay out time to time actually worked, not time paid
 Clarify number of hours that may be cashed out for full and part time employees
Motion by Chris, second by Bob to revise personnel manual as recommended, effective today.
Motion carries.

Discussion/action on one-time Employee PTO Payout.
Motion by Pete, second by Bob, to approve the one time PTO payment at a cost of
approximately $10,000 with no ongoing impact to our budget. Motion carries.

Discussion on Strategic Planning and Results of the Strategic plans and SWOT exercise.
Scott will verify numbers and then we will have further discussions.

Marketing Update – Annelise Walker
Increase community awareness.
Advertising for drivers at Michigan SOS office on the kiosk screens
Three billboards are up: US 31, M-104, I-96
Social media presence (especially Facebook)
Radio advertising on WAWL and WGHN
Grand Living half page
103.5 football pamphlet
Some discussion about bus wraps and varying attitudes about them. Annelise is looking into
doing a Buccaneer and Laker wrap. Gordon agreed the Buccaneer wrap would be far more

Operations Update – Scott Borg
Numbers are slowly coming back up.
Trolleys are very successful.
Passengers on federally funded buses must wear masks.
9 crashes last year; 12 crashes so far this year (sideswipes are the most common)

Transportation Director’s Report – Scott Borg
Customer Care supervisor resigned today; dispatcher will fill the position.
West Michigan Regional Transit Study review held on July 7 between MATS and Harbor
Transit. Study completed next fiscal year.
Kickoff with ORC (firm to look for expansion real estate). They will provide weekly updates.

Board Member Comments
Bob asked about Beach Express. Scott reported that we had 11 riders in June, 219 in July. In
comparison, 2,524 rode the trolley in July.
Chris recommended that we sign up staff for Leadership Connect.
Gordon commented that it appears customer service is improving at Harbor Transit.
Craig commended staff on having very clean buses.

Moved by to adjourn at 5:35 p.m.

Next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held on September 22, 2021 at 4:30 PM at
City of Grand Haven City Hall, 519 Washington Ave.