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May 17, 2023 at 1:15 P.M., Central Park Place

1. Meeting called to order @ 1:19pm by Carrie Uthe, Chairperson

2. Roll Call by the Council Chair
Chrysteen Moelter-Gray – present
Warren Roosen – absent
Ray Harz – absent
Norman Cunningham – present
Christina Shannon – present
Carrie Uthe – present
Angie Devries – present
Lisa Greenwood – present
Heather Phillips – absent
Sarah Wheeler – present

3. Call to Audience: Sarah Wheeler shared The Rapid’s Go Bus information flyer and Norman Cunningham questioned where the property is located for the new construction (between Hayes and Comstock on 172nd)

4. General Business:
A. Introduction of New Harbor Transit Staff
1. Tina Hawley, Dispatch Office Administrator
2. Matt Guinn, Safety and Training Coordinator
B. Approval of the February 15, 2023 Meeting Minutes, motion made
by Norman Cunningham and 2nd by Lisa Greenwood.
C. Review of Ridership: Including No-Show’s – see Tom Burghardt’s
Operations report.
D. Ridership Recommendations/Concerns/Complaints – see Tom
Burghardt’s Operations report.

6. Reports
A. Operations Report – Tom Burghardt discussed ridership, on time
performance, no shows, complaints and compliments.
B. Finance Report – Dana Appel discussed revenue and expense, interest
revenue and the balance sheet.
C. Marketing Report – Tom Burghardt reviewed the customer survey on the
CASPR units, also the recent and ongoing projects and social media
D. Transportation Directors Report – Scott Borg shared his report. He
discussed the new build property, the NEPA study, new scheduling
software called VIA and Congresswoman Hillary Scholten’s visit to Harbor
E. Council Members’ Comments – Lisa Greenwood asked about the signs
on the buses – No Eating or Drinking. She also brought up a meeting at
Momentum that discussed how to use narcan. Charging of fares was also
discussed and Scott Borg said that fares would probably be start being
collected in September 2023.

7. Adjournment at 2:02pm by Carrie Uthe, Chairperson

Next regularly scheduled Harbor Transit Local Advisory Council meeting will be held on
August 16, 2023, at 1:15 PM. A possible new location will be announced prior to the