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Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)
Regular Board Meeting Minutes
City of Grand Haven

1. Meeting Called to Order by President Craig Bessinger at 4:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call
Present: Craig Bessinger, Bill Cargo, Bill Cate, Bill Cousins, Gordon Gallagher, Ashley Latch, Deanna
McIntyre, Cathy Pavick, Joel TePastte, & Will Whittemore
Absent: Kevin McLaughlin
Also Present: Scott Borg, HTMMTS Director; Dana Appel, Finance and Compliance Director; Andrea Dumbrell, Human Resources Director; Trina Robinson, Consultans; Annelise Walker, Marketing Coordinator; and Brian Woline, Accounting Supervisor.

3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda.

4. General Business/Call to Audience

5. Consideration for Approval of Consent Agenda:
a. Approval of Sep 27, 2023 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes
b. Approval of Regular Agenda
c. Approval of Payable Warrant
d. File/Receive Financial Report
e. Approval of FY2024/25 Estimated Budget
f. EEO Data
g. Approval of Updated Fare Policy
h. Approval of Cash Management Policy
Motion by Cargo, second by Gallagher to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried.

6. New Business:
a. Approval of Website and App Terms of Use Policy. The transition to the Lakeshore Go App requires the institution of a terms of use policy. Among other things, this policy limits Harbor Transit’s liability, protects Harbor Transit’s content, prevents abuse, and declares governing law. Motion by Cargo, second by TePasste to approve the Website and App Terms of Use Policy. Motion
b. Approval of Website and Mobile Application Use Privacy Policy. Similar to the above, this policy reduces legal penalties, lawsuits, repetitional damage, and cybersecurity risks related to Harbor Transit’s website and app. Motion by Pavich, second by Latch to approve the Website and Mobile Application Terms of Use Policy. Motion carried.
c. Resolution to amend the Financial Institutions
Motion by Cargo, second by Gallagher to approve Resolution No. 2023-1115 amending the list of financial institutions with which Harbor Transit does business as presented by Borg. Motion carried.
d. Resolution to amend the Personnel Manual
Motion by TePasste, second by Cousins to approve Resolution No. 2023-1115.1 amending the Personnel Manual to remove credit history reviews and add service awards and retirement gifts as presented by Dumbrell. Motion carried.
e. Resolution to amend Harbor Transit’s No-Show Policy
Motion by Cargo, second by McIntyre to approve Resolution No. 2023-1115.2 amending Harbor Transit’s No-Show Policy requiring all passengers to pay for missed rides as presented by Borg. Motion carried.

7. Reports
a. Marketing Report: Walker updated the board on recent current marketing efforts, highlighting the introduction of the Lakeshore Go App to the community. A new advertiser, Little Red House has purchased a bus wrap and two interior panels.
b. Operations Report: Borg reported that ridership is still down when compared to pre-COVID numbers, but continues to improve. No-shows continue to be a concern, but based on the experience of the Traverse City transportation system, the implementation of Lakeshore Go should cut the rate of no-shows dramatically. There have been no bus crashes or injuries since the last HTMMTS regular meeting. Two complaints and two compliments were received.
c. Transportation Director’s Report: Borg shared highlights of his report, including his appointment to the Four Pointes Board of Directors, the implantation of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, the current status of the Environmental NEPA study for the new property, and the receipt of four new buses. (Five were shipped, but one was returned because of damage in shipping.)

11. Board Member Comments:
• Borg introduced the new HTMMTS Accounting Supervisor, Brian Woline.

12. Meeting adjourned. Meeting adjourned by Bessinger at 4:53 PM.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is Jan 24, 2024, at Grand Haven Township, 13399 168th Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417.