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Grand Haven City Hall
519 Washington Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417
November 15, 2023 AT 4:30 PM

1. Meeting Called to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Additions/Corrections to the Agenda
4. General Business/Call to Audience
5. Consideration for Approval of Consent Agenda:
a. Approval of September 27, 2023 HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes
b. Approval of Regular Agenda
c. Approval of Payable Warrant
d. File/Receive Financial Report
e. Review of FY2024/25 Estimated Budget
f. EEO Data
g. Approval of Updated Fare Policy
h. Approval of Updated Cash Management Policy
6. New Business
a. Approval of Website and App Terms of Use Policy.
b. Approval of Website and Mobile Application Use Privacy Policy.
c. Resolution to Amend Financial Institutes.
d. Resolution to Amend the Personnel Manual.
e. Resolution to Amend Harbor Transit’s No-Show Policy
7. Reports
a. Marketing Report- Annelise Walker
b. Operations Report -Tom Burghardt Jr.
c. Transportation Directors Report – Scott Borg
8. Board Members Comments

Craig Bessinger

Bill Cargo
Ashley Latsch
Kevin Mclaughlin
Joel TePastte
Christine Burns
Gordon Gallagher
Cathy Pavick
Bill Cate
Deanna McIntyre
Will Whittemore

Next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will be held on January 24, 2023 at 4:30 PM at Grand Haven Charter Township, 13300 168th Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417