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February 15, 2023 at 1:15 P.M., Central Park Place

1. Meeting called to order. @ 1:15 PM By Carrie Uthe, Chairperson

2. Roll Call by the Board Chair
Chrysteen Moelter-Gray-present
Warren Roosen-present
Ray Harz-absent
Norman Cunningham-present
Christina Shannon-present
Carrie Uthe-present
Angie Devries-present
Lisa Greenwood-absent
Heather Phillips-absent
Sarah Wheeler-present

Harbor Transit Staff Present:
Scott Borg
Tom Burghardt
Dana Appel
Annelise Walker
Andrea Dumbrell

3. Call to Audience: -none

4. Regular Agenda:
a. Approval of the December 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes. Motion to
Approve by Norman Cunningham, 2nd by Sarah Wheeler. Motion
b. Discussion/Action of 2024 Accessibility Plan. HARBOR TRANSIT Agency’s Local Advisory Council members made the following comments about this plan: Under Item 3. Number of Senior and Individuals with Disabilities in the Area, Carrie Uthe asked us to explain how we came to 15,072. HARBOR TRANSIT Agency made the following response to its Local Advisory Council regarding the above comments: Harbor Transit worked with Four Pointes (Council on Aging), and the Disability Network of Lakeshore for guidance to calculate the number of seniors and persons with disabilities. Both agencies provided a percent of population per service area and Harbor Transit used 2020 Census for total population. Chrysteen Moelter-Gray requested that we add exhibit numbers for line number 10 and 11 to the correlating info/map attached at the end of the document. Motion to approve with said changes by Chrysteen Moelter-Gray, 2nd by Angie Devries. Motion Approved.

5. Reports
a. Operations Report: Tom Burghardt discussed ridership, no-shows,
safety, injuries, road calls, and ridership complaints.
b. Finance Report: Dana Appel discussed balance sheet activity and
Revenue & Expense activity for December, 2022.
c. Transportation Directors Report: Scott Borg introduced Harbor Transits
new HR director Andrea Dumbrell and discussed a recent training
workshop at Momentum Center. Scott explained that Harbor Transits
bus fleet now has CASPR air disinfecting units installed on them and the
benefits of such a unit.
d. Board Members’ Comments: None

6. Adjournment @ 2pm

Next regularly scheduled Harbor Transit Local Advisory Committee meeting will be held
on May 17, 2023, at 1:15 PM, at Central Park Place.
 (1) Local Advisory Council Meeting Minutes December 28, 2023
 (2) Accessibility Plan
 (3) Operations Report
 (4) Finance Report
 (5) Directors Report
 (6) Harbor Transit Local Advisory Council 2023 Meeting Schedule
 (7) HTMMTS Board Meeting Minutes January 25, 2023